Our lab is interested in interdisciplinary research at the interface of cellular biology, dynamical systems modeling, and control theory.

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[07/02/16 Announcement]: We are looking for a motivated postdoctoral candidate, who is passionate about synthetic biology and eager to take a strong leadership role in a grand challenge of building feedback control systems in cells. Experience in synthetic biology, biological engineering and/or control and dynamical systems is a big plus. Please contact Hana (Hana.El-Samad@UCSF.edu) for more details.
[08/10/16 Announcement]: The El-Samad lab is seeking a postdoctoral candidate with a strong background in mathematics, engineering or physics, who is interested in theoretical and/or computational projects as they relate to systems and synthetic biology. Please contact Hana at Hana.El-Samad@ucsf.edu, sending along a copy of your CV and a brief statement of interest.