Our lab is interested in interdisciplinary research at the interface of cellular biology, dynamical systems modeling, and control theory.

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[09/13/16 Announcement]: We are recruiting for a new DARPA funded project to build feedback control capabilities in living cells (http://www.darpa.mil/program/biological-control). The project will combine theoretical, computational, and experimental components, proceeding at a fast pace. We are therefore seeking technicians and postdoc applicants who are passionate about synthetic biology, enjoy team-work, and thrive while pushing scientific boundaries. Multiple openings are anticipated. Applicants with a strong multi-disciplinary background are especially encouraged to apply, but we will also consider for specific aspects of the project applicants with deep knowledge of yeast molecular biology, hardware and instrumentation, computational biology, or control theory. Specifically, we have openings for the following positions with indicated expertise (broadly defined):
- Students: Desire to learn multi-disciplinary science, interest in systems and synthetic biology.
- Program coordinator Position: Strong multi-disciplinary background, great potential for leadership in the project, including interface with funding agency.
- Postdoc Position: Strong background in computational/theoretical biology.
- Postdoc Position: Strong multi-disciplinary background in systems and synthetic biology.
- Multiple technicians/specialists: The specifics of these positions will be posted once the appropriate paperwork is finalized. However, we are seeking Hardware/software specialists, molecular biology specialists, and synthetic biology specialists.
For more info, please contact Hana El-Samad (Hana.El-Samad@ucsf.edu).